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While home cooks didn’t find jackfruit as a viable diet due to its seasonal nature; chefs were reluctant to use jackfruit for three reasons- jackfruits are seasonal, messy to cut and has a rich smell that could seep into their professional kitchens. Well not anymore!

Jackfruit365™ is available 365 days of the year and is convenient to use and store. While the Jackfruit365™ freeze dried slices need to be rehydrated before use, in other words, it need to be soaked in plain warm water till they swell to their regular weight (in about 10-15 minutes); this can be used to make your delicious Jackfruit Meal. Jackfruit365™ green jackfruit flour can be added to your favourite meal, one-third portion without a change in taste or texture. Idli, roti, poori, bhatura, dhokla, etc, Jackfruit365™ green jackfruit flour can be added to all.

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  • Green Jackfruit Flour
  • Pack of 2
  • Weight: 200 Grams per Packet


* Legal Disclaimer – There is a chance that Jackfruit365™ based meals, combined with the medication, can lower your blood sugar too much! Hence, it is imperative that you work with your doctor to ensure you are monitoring your blood sugar and adjusting the medication properly. By consuming Jackfruit365™ you may be able to reduce or eliminate your medications over a period of time. So, always keep your doctor informed.