World Diabetes Day

14th November, every year, there are talks and awareness campaigns held to alert people of the alarming rise of diabetes around the world.

Does one have to wait till this day when people around loudly publicise the facts about diabetes, or would one rather wait till the body alarm bells rings in form of some bothersome symptoms?

If the general answer is NO, then thumbs up! If laying importance to 365 days of nutrition and healthy living is one’s motto, then double thumbs up!! If one is already diabetic – borderline or otherwise, but is mindful of one’s condition and in control of situations, then we are on the right path.

Identifying food and its influence on the blood glucose levels is the first step towards fighting the glucose levels. Keeping a diet / food journal on a daily basis is bit of a task, and a boring one at that.

If we tell you that, Raw Jackfruit365™ has a much lower glycemic load as compared to rice and wheat, and that raw jackfruit is the only fruit that can be consumed as a meal replacing your regular carbohydrate such as wheat and rice in full or part, would you believe us?

The clinical study that was conducted showed that 30gms Raw Jackfruit365™ ™ has a Glycemic Load (GL) of 17. The study concluded Raw Jackfruit365™ ™ would be suitable for consumption in controlled amounts by people with diabetes, in line with their individual dietary requirements, especially if used to replace higher GL carbohydrate in a meal.

If we tell you, that you can beat diabetes by including raw jackfruit into your daily traditional meals, without spotting any change in taste, would you…. Wait! You have to believe us! 🙂 Subscribe to Jackfruit365™ channel on YouTube to learn how.


“A simple dietary modification of reducing the carbohydrate content of the meals can, within a day, protect against pre-diabetes”- Professor Katarina Borer


Take home from the above article:

1. Bring down the carbs and up the intake of vegetables/fruits to fight diabetes!
2. Just 24 hours of cutting carbs reduces insulin resistance!
3. Exercising just before evening meal increased blood sugar levels!

Getting a fine dietary balance on a day-to-day basis can do wonders to one’s health. Did you know that an ideal plate should comprise of 25% proteins, 25% of carbohydrates and the remaining 50% of the plate should be filled up with vegetables?

More about God’s Own Perfect Plate in our next blog write-up, till then go blue 365 days of the year, because acknowledging symptoms, or deciding to go healthier from being healthy, is always the first step.



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