Marathon, Diabetes and Weight loss

Running marathons is increasingly getting popular in India especially among professionals. Main motivation for professionals is to get back in shape, or to fight lifestyle diseases like diabetes. However the following two recent news articles about running and diet, has put a lot of doubts into the minds of marathon runners world over.

Why You Can’t Out-Run a Bad Diet (Fitness Magazine)

Marathon training made me fat (New York Post)

Stressing more on that point, closer home we have Santosh Bhat, a Marketing Professional based in Mumbai

Medical history: Became diabetic 12 years ago and started marathon to control diabetes. Did well at marathon and now is a regular at several marquee marathons in India.

Achilles Heel: Santosh could never reduce his medication for diabetes. It only went up.

Eureka moment for Santosh and the life thereafter: He switched to Jackfruit365, 3 months ago in few easy steps. He included powdered Jackfruit365TM into his idli and roti on a daily basis.

Result: Santosh could immediately cut medication by half and lost 2 kilos most around his waist.

By adding Jackfruit365 powder, 15gm each, in his morning idli and evening roti Santosh had a net reduction of 70 calories in his diet daily; equivalent of calorie burn of running one kilometre every day for Santosh!

So, all the marathon fans out there, do run for fun and let JackFruit365 help you beat diabetes and reduce weight!

Beat Diabetes, Reduce Weight and Live Longer with Jackfruit365. Check out the science behind it here.

Testimonial from Santosh Bhat:

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