Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food

Hippocrates, the father of western medicine acknowledged the value of eating right and the positive impact of certain foods on good health. Hippocrates believed that any kind of ailment is a direct indication to one’s eating habit. Hence, the saying – “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”. He encouraged people to recognise and respect nature’s healing forces.

One such super food that is full of important nutrients and other health benefits is Jackfruit. The goodness of jackfruit that got forgotten over time has been brought out into the open, and people are suddenly taking a note of this humble fruit / vegetable. Many doctors, diabetologists, nutritionists and research scientists have recognised and accepted the beneficial properties of raw jackfruit. There are suitably good scientific reasons to believe that raw jackfruit when consumed as a carbohydrate extends one’s life, reverse diabetes and curb obesity.

The reason why people stopped or reduced the consumption of Jackfruit could be due to reasons, more than one. To name a few, diminishing timelines due to work nature of the people in the family, nuclear families that have less of help, messy nature of the fruit, storage issue etc,…

Let’s admit the process of weaning out the jackfruit pieces after cutting open the jackfruit is a laborious one and is very messy. The sticky white fluid that oozes out is difficult to get rid of, off our hands. That said for experienced people, it might be a child’s play.  If you have noticed, Jackfruit dishes are not a common sight in the hotel food menus; plain reason, jackfruits are smelly, cumbersome and time consuming.

It is now possible to introduce Jackfruit into everyone’s daily diet, without noticing it, in few simple steps. All that is required is to add Jackfruit flour to the traditional recipe. Check out how you can healthify your poori, idli, dosa and many other such dishes. (YouTube channel link)

As Hippocrates’ proverb goes, “Let food be thy medicine” !!

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