Jackfruit Iddiyappam

Iddiyappam, as the name states is kind of string hoppers made from rice flour which are steamed . Most popular dish of southern India and Srilanka.

By adding raw jackfruit flour you can reduce glycemic load* of your meal and increase vegetable fiber in your diet. If you interested to understand the science behind it, then you must check


  • 1/3 cup jackfruit flour
  • 2/3 cup rice flour
  • Hot water 1½ cups
  • Salt as required

Method of Preparations

1.Combine roasted rice flour and jackfruit flour with some salt.

2.Add boiling water gradually and mix the dough.

3.Knead until you get a smooth and soft dough.

4.The dough should not be too tight and it should not be sticky also. Keep the dough to cool down.

5.Take small portions of dough and fill the presser.

6.Grease the idli moulds and press the strings of dough through presser onto greased idli moulds .

7.Once the water starts boiling in the steamer, place the idli moulds and steam for 5-6 mins on medium – high flame.

8. Keep the steamed closed for a min or two.

9. Transfer the cooked Idiyappam to a serving plate.

10. Serve hot with egg curry.

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Jackfruit Iddiyappam
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