Jackfruit 365 Meal

Chakka Puzhukku or Raw Jackfruit Meal is the most ancient carbohydrate alternate from Kerala, made from mature unripe Jackfruit pods.


Raw JackFruit365™: 30 grams
Grated Coconut: 20 grams
Garlic: 1 Clove
Onion: 10 grams
Curry leaves: 1/2 sprig
Green Chilli: 1 number
Turmeric powder: 1 pinch
Salt: to taste

Method of Preparations

1.Soak JackFruit365™ in 90ml of warm water for 10 minutes, drain water and chop bigger pieces evenly.
2.Roughly grind all other ingredients in a grinder and set aside.
3.Place Jackfruit and the ground coconut mix in a sauce pan and slow cook for 10 minutes.
4.Stir well and eat with your favourite curry or pickle.

Recipe by Chef Jose Varkey, Corporate Chef, CGH Earth Experiential Hotels, Kerala

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Jackfruit 365 Meal / Chakka Puzhukku / Raw Jackfruit Meal
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