How to increase your fruits and vegetable intake?

The fruits and vegetables come loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, soluble fiber etc. making it highly essential for a healthy body. If you have read our last two posts –Food & Mortality and Raw vs. cooked vegetables; you would have come to understand the role fruits and vegetables play towards good health.

How to increase your food and vegetable intake? One thought that might have crossed your mind, is to add a portion of vegetable or fruit to every meal of yours. Say a smoothie for breakfast, chopped vegetables in your scrambled eggs or omelettes, vegetable soups, mixed vegetable salads, mixed fruit salads etc. The thought itself, of getting to eat desired serving of fruits and vegetables each day, can be overwhelming.

While you can definitely try the above methods, we have a simple way, how you can do it. But on that later. First, let us understand a bit more, about the largely complex looking Jackfruit.

Jackfruit is a highly underrated vegetable with potent health benefits. Out of the 10 health benefits of jackfruit, mentioned on our website, there is clinical evidence available for the fact, how Jack fruit aids in reducing blood sugar levels.

Santosh bhat, a marathon runner from Mumbai, could easily reduce his diabetes medication by half and reduce weight by just introducing green Jackfruit flour (aata) in his daily diet. In another instance, green jackfruit flour was mixed in roti, and was made a part of the daily diet for the patients at a Delhi based naturopathy and wellness clinic (Swami Parmanand Prakritik Chikitsalaya), with desired results. There are many more such endorsements.

One simple explanation to these miraculous occurrences is that green Jackfruit is high in fiber and low in glycemic load as compared to Rice & Wheat. The moment the amount of carbohydrate was reduced or rather replaced by jackfruit, people witnessed happy results. A Glycemic Index study was conducted at Sydney University that came out with results citing glycemic load of Jackfruit365 is only half of rice or wheat

Jackfruit365 YouTube Channel brings to you nearly 40 everyday recipes, where jackfruit flour was added with ease. Best part is that Jackfruit365 flour is neutral in taste, and can be added to most of the meals.

It’s easier to adapt a diet, when there is negligible or no difference in smell or taste. We continue to enjoy the same meal every day, with the only difference that it would be lower on carbs and higher on fiber!

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