How the body works?

How is our body supposed to work at the cellular level? What is ideal metabolism? People are checking out various diet, following complex programs blindly, without understanding how their body works, and what food could be ideal for them. Reason why, most of these diets are non-sustainable. When you eat the foods you like and still get healthier, you are motivated to stick to the diet. Reason being, you are happy, your body is more energetic, you aren’t depriving yourself, nor are you going on a cheat diet, where you mindlessly eat stuff that you deprived yourself of, before going on that fad crash diet. What follows is anxiety, depression, mood swings, frustration… you get the drift!

It’s time to educate ourselves. Not by going online and seeing, what various professionals are saying about various diets, but by investing time in yourself and understanding your very own body, on how it works.

We need to make a lifestyle change that is easy on us. Something that can be included in our daily life without us realising. When the dietary shift is miniscule, resistance is low. When resistance is low, you tend to stick to the plan.

That is exactly what happened, when the Delhi-based naturopathy and wellness clinic, who were looking for a grain free diet for their customers, decided to give Jackfruit365 a go. They realised that in order to treat their customers, it was important not to snatch the psychological comfort of eating the food, one has grown up eating or is most comfortable with.

This was last year, when we had just the freeze-dried version on offer. Cutting one step less, we introduced in June 2017, ready to use, in powder form – Jackfruit365 flour that is very easy on your pocket, and can be easily included into your daily favourite meals without a change in taste. Benefits are multi-fold. Not only you get to beat diabetes, you lose weight and feel energetic.

Green Jackfruit365™ has a much lower glycemic load as compared to rice and wheat, and is the only fruit that can be consumed as a meal replacing your regular carbohydrate such as wheat and rice in full or part.

The Jackfruit365 is an initiative that is backed by extensive research and feedback from various happy and satisfied customers. To know what our customers are saying about us please visit the product review section on Amazon.

For more information, feel free to write to Subscribe to our YouTube Channel and learn, how in few simple steps you can put your life on a healthy gear.


Legal Disclaimer: There is a chance that Jackfruit365™ based meals, combined with the medication, can lower your blood sugar too much! Hence, it is imperative that you work with your doctor to ensure you are monitoring your blood sugar and adjusting the medication properly. By consuming Jackfruit365™ you may be able to reduce or eliminate your medications over a period of time. So, always keep your doctor informed.

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