Diabetes is a disease of carbohydrate intolerance

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"The medication is needed because diabetes is a disease of carbohydrate intolerance; if the patient does not eat carbs, they do not have to use medication."  University of Alabama at Birmingham Professor of Nutrition Barbara Gower, Ph.D., conducts research on diet composition and disease risk and says that diabetes can both be prevented and reversed with a carbohydrate restricted diet. Source: http://www.news-medical.net/news/20161230/Diabetes-can-be-prevented-and-reversed-with-carbohydrate-restricted-diet-says-UAB-expert.aspx

The amount of carbohydrate consumed has a direct implication and is important for managing diabetes. The balance between how much insulin your body produces and the carbohydrate you eat makes a difference in your blood glucose levels. Post clinical trials conducted at Sydney University’s Glycemic Index Research Service (SUGiRS), it was found that Jackfruit365 had a much lower levels of ‘available carbohydrates’ as compared to Rice and Wheat.

1 cup of raw jackfruit365: 25

1 cup of white rice: 40

2 Rotis (whole wheat): 43

The available carbohydrate is basically sugar plus starch which gets easily digested and absorbed by the human small intestine.

There are many examples, where people have benefitted with a low-carb diet. Fr. Thomas Brahmanavelil, after learning the benefits of raw jackfruit, stopped rice and wheat and moved to raw jackfruit, other vegetables and legumes along with fish and meat. In 12 months, he was able to stop taking insulin, lost 12 kgs and felt energetic like never before. While the marathon runner from Mumbai, Santosh Bhat, after 12 years of trying marathon running to control his diabetes without success, switched to raw jackfruit, by adding Jackfruit365TM powder in his idli and roti daily. He, for the first time, could successfully reduce his diabetes medication by half and lost 2 kilos. (More testimonials at http://www.jackfruit365.com/)

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 One can easily bring down the level of carbohydrate intake each day. Raw jackfruit365 can easily be combined in a regular meal, for example one can replace 1/3rd rice in Idli or 1/3rd wheat in Roti with Jackfruit365. The love for idlis and rotis can continue and one can continue to eat them without guilt. Jackfruit365 powder is neutral in taste and no matter how hard one tries; spotting a difference in the healthyfied meals, will not be an easy task.

Quoting from the article, we started this post with, "Carbohydrates are not essential nutrients for the human body, and with proper instruction patients can adjust their diets to minimize them."

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