The Research

On March 31, 2015, we announced our findings on Why Raw Jackfruit for Diabetes” and the urgent need for further research. Since then, we have been receiving consistent feedback from Doctors, Nutritionists, Dieticians and many of our customers that diabetic patients were able to reduce or completely eliminate their medications when they consumed Raw Jackfruit365™ as their daily meal at least once a day. Some of our customers were able to completely beat pre-diabetes condition back to normal within weeks. Our survey found out that most of the customers consumed up to 30gms of Raw Jackfruit365™ and reduced or completely eliminated Rice and Wheat from their diet. In addition to beating diabetic condition many customers experienced significant weight loss, felt much younger and energetic.

International Clinical Study on Jackfruit365™

Encouraged by these positive feedback from our customers and medical experts, and with seed fund support from Kerala State Industrial Development Corporation, we commissioned a clinical study on Raw Jackfruit365™ at Sydney Universitys Glycemic Index Research Service (SUGiRS). SUGiRS is one of the best in the world for Glycemic Index (GI) studies recommended by the Glycemic Index Foundation and has tested GI values of more than 3500 foods. The study was conducted on Raw Jackfruit365™ between January and February 2016 as per the internationally recognised GI methodology approved by the Human Research Ethics Committee of University of Sydney.


Clinical Study Results

The clinical study results showed 30gms Raw Jackfruit365™ has a Glycemic Load (GL) of 17. The study concluded Raw Jackfruit365™ would be suitable for consumption in controlled amounts by people with diabetes, in line with their individual dietary requirements, especially if used to replace higher GL carbohydrate in a meal.



Why Raw Jackfruit is Good for Diabetes vs. Rice and Roti?

According to our survey 30gms Raw Jackfruit365™ easily replaces one cup of cooked Rice or two Wheat Roti(Chappathi) and offers much higher satiation i.e., feeling full for a much longer time thus eliminating the need for snacking or nibbling. The table below shows that Glycemic Load of Raw Jackfruit365™ is almost half of Rice and Roti. This is the real scientific explanation on why Raw Jackfruit365™ is good for Diabetes and why our customers are experiencing beating of diabetes and why they are able to reduce or eliminate diabetic medication.

Why is Raw Jackfruit Good for Weight Loss vs. Rice and Roti?

In addition to reducing GL by half, 30gms of Raw Jackfruit365™ also reduces the calorie per meal by half compared to Rice and Wheat. This is the real scientific explanation for weight loss experienced by our customers when they switch to a diet of up to 30gms Raw Jackfruit365™ per day.

The final icing on the cake is jackfruit has less protein than rice and wheat and those who can’t avoid eating non-veg can easily compensate that with a small portion of their favorite protein curry like fish.

Nutritional Value Comparison Between Jackfruit365™, Rice and Roti

How will Rest of India eat Raw Jackfruit as a daily meal?

Now that we know Raw Jackfruit365™ consumed as a carbohydrate extends our life, beat diabetes and obesity, how do we compensate for the years we have lost by ignoring the Raw Jackfruit, Nature’s Best and God’s Own Carbohydrate? Nutritionists were not sure if people outside Kerala would embrace the traditional raw jackfruit meal as a daily meal. They suggested we look at ways to add raw jackfruit to one or two traditional meals from India. We challenged our chefs to add Raw JackFruit365™ to most common Indian meals just like how India added iodine into salt without any change in taste.

And our Chefs figured it out! You can easily add at least a third of Raw Jackfruit365™ into most traditional carbohydrate meals we consume in the south and north of India from Idli and Dosa to Roti and AlooParatha. We can now quickly repay for our culinary and lifestyle sins, 365 days in a year

Jackfruit™ Recipes

Set out on a gastronomic journey with our professional chefs and discover some exciting Jackfruit365™ recipes

How to Get Jackfruit365?

* Legal Disclaimer – There is a chance that Jackfruit365™ based meals, combined with the medication, can lower your blood sugar too much! Hence, it is imperative that you work with your doctor to ensure you are monitoring your blood sugar and adjusting the medication properly. By consuming Jackfruit365™ you may be able to reduce or eliminate your medications over a period of time. So, always keep your doctor informed.