“Jackfruit365″ Green Jackfruit would be suitable for consumption in controlled amounts by people with diabetes, in line with their individual dietary requirements, especially if used to replace higher GL carbohydrate in a meal.”

Sydney University's Glycemic Index Research Service (sugirs)
Sydney University's Glycemic Index Research Service (sugirs)

“As a diabetic I had been trying different foods to control my sugar levels for several years. I first learned about the benefits of green jackfruit for diabetes from the research done by James Joseph. I started using green jackfruit flour along with my usual breakfast dishes like puttu, dosa, appam, etc. In addition to having good control over my blood sugar, with green jackfruit flour, I am able to have variety in food each day, for more than one and half years now.

I have recommended using green jackfruit flour to some of my relatives suffering from diabetes and they have also reported good blood sugar control with the jackfruit diet. Young doctors, nutritionists and medical researchers from Kerala should give more priority to such locally available diet solutions which are more effective and affordable for our patients.”

Dr. K C Mammen

Consultant Pediatrician
Founder Director (Retd)
MOSC Medical College, Kolenchery

“In 2017 at National Conference of the Indian Dietetics Association (IDA) held in Kolkata I met Mr. James Joseph during one of his presentations. Being a Nutritionist myself, what raised my interest was the kind of research that Mr. Joseph had put in to elicit the benefits of Jackfruit.

Green Jackfruit is a good source of complex carbs, fiber and protein. These nutrients in combination are excellent for providing satiety. The complex carbs makes it possible to have it as a staple food. Hence, it could be a good replacement for rice and an enhancer for other cereal products. For those on low calorie diets can incorporate green jackfruit meal as an option and balance it with fish or chicken (low fat protein options) and vegetable salads.

Consequently I adopted that into the diet of my mother, who has a history of diabetes and hypertension. Once the taste parameters were standardized, green jackfruit in the form of powder became an important ingredient in her daily food intake.

She always loves eating the traditional Kerala breakfasts. With the addition of green jackfruit powder she is able to have her delicacies and still have her sugars under control.”

Dr. Latha Sashi

Chief Nutritionist
Head of Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics Department
Fernandez Hospital, Hyderabad

“As per our observation, the Jackfruit diet is very fulfilling to the patients. In matter of 7 days, the FBS (Fasting Blood Sugar) and HbA1c values dropped significantly. We also were able to bring down the insulin doses for few of our patients with considerable improvement in health of many, like relief in frequent urination. The high fiber and less calorie content could be responsible for such effects.

I am convinced that raw jackfruit could be a valuable tool in treating diabetes clubbed with conventional medicines and therapies. The latest of researches do underline how a well thought out diet would help in treating diabetes”

Dr. Karthik Krishnan

BAMS- Senior Medical Officer
Kerala Ayurveda Limited


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